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Learn About Our Pricing Approach

Our approach to pricing is to roll everything into one low monthly price. This includes website design, construction, hosting, maintenance, unlimited email boxes, search engine registration, and search engine placement. Our customers sign up with us for a 12 month period of time. After that, they are free to move their site to another server or webmaster if they choose to do so. For those who wish to continue we guarantee that we will not raise the monthly price for at least three years. Obviously it's in our interest to keep our customers happy. To that end we continually work to make certain that each website is performing...bringing in new business and better serving the business the customer already has.

We know that the vast majority of professional organizations and businesses don't want to have to be involved in the day-to-day maintenance of their websites. Yet every so often, small changes are needed to the site: key contacts are replaced, phone numbers and offices change or are added, etc. Soon the website is out-of-date, selling the wrong products or sending the wrong message. That's why we routinely include maintenance hours each quarter for all our customer agreements (hours vary by price of agreement).

So it's a simple proposition we offer. Sign up with us and we'll take care of everything related to your site.

Why not contact us today and get going on bringing that website you’ve been dreaming about to life?

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