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What Sets Us Apart In Affordable Website Offerings

Over the past few years we have created powerful websites for over 60 customers. Each has been designed to perform to meet the customer's objectives. Here’s a quick summary of work we have done for recent clients:

For we created an expert system that evaluates the current management practices of any company and predicts future performance and results. The health check acts first as a freely provided, powerful web-based resource that attracts corporate decision makers to the site. Then, where concern is warranted, the tool highlights areas where serious management attention is needed. Next, the Corporate Health Check encourages decison makers to consider engaging consultants to help alleviate any areas of concern. As a final step the Corporate Health Check offers profiles and service offerings of highly qualified consultants and how to contact them. A second major innovation included in this site is the use of complex PERL code that generates the consultant database and displays dynamic web pages for the individual consultant bios, and consultant offerings.(Site is currently inactive).

Amerimark Capital Corporation - A Dallas-based merchant and investment banking firm. PTC Webworks Pro developed a process that redirects unsolicited emails, business plans, and proposals requesting capital funding to a qualifications location in the Amerimark website. Here solicitors are directed to interface with an expert system that collects and evaluates the information needed to pass initial Amerimark qualification hurdles. As a result Amerimark Capital executives no longer need personally review and consider unsolicited email offers.

Centurion Mortgage - A Dallas-based full-service mortgage company. PTC Webworks Pro built a sophisticated online loan application capability. Here residential home buyers can use the company's internet website to apply for mortgage loans. This system saves collected application information at the end of each of 10 different sections of the application, allowing users to stop and return later to complete their application without the need to re-enter previously collected information. Another major innovation included the development of a multi-layered access system that allows different viewing and modification capability depending on whether the user is an applicant, loan processor, loan officer, realtor, or administrator.

Marsha Clark and Associates is a major marketer of women's interest seminars under the Power of Self brand. Additionally Marsha Clark maintains a thriving consulting business, and markets the popular new book: "Choose! The Role that Choice Plays in Shaping Women's Lives". For this client we built an an extensive data base of course offerings, on-line registration, and opt-in email notification system.

Mike Thomas is a real estate attorney specializing in real estate development projects. He serves all of North Texas incluing the Texas cities of McKinney, Plano, Allen and Frisco.

That Leather Guy - Minneapolis - Saint Paul - Company provides leather furniture cleaning, repair and restoration utilizing techniques developed over a 20 year period. Through this website visitors learn that repair and restoration of treasured leather furniture peices such as sofas, chairs, ottomans, and desks is often both practical and less expensive than replacement.

Gavson Salon - This company manufactures and sells high quality salon capes, smocks, jackets and gowns. For this client we built a sophisticated data base driven product display and selection program. The whole works is tied to a shopping cart. Shipping is calculated based on weight. The client has access to a product loader that allows the customer to update changes to product line, photos, and pricing.

Century Court Apartments - provides off-campus living space for students attending Collin College. The website has been successful in attracting a number of non-US students and has resulted in an dramatic increase in the occupancy rate.

McDonald Plaza - McKinney, Texas - 10 multi-use buildings occupy an entire square block in McKinney, Texas. We used an aerial photo to quickly orient visitors to the layout of the buildings in the block, and rotating front page images to show the construction styles of the various retail, office, and warehouse lease space facilities. A changable front page graphic is used to show which buildings have vacant space available.

Being at Work - This Detroit based worklife consulting firm wanted a website to showcase the firm's talents as well as to support the sale of the consultants new book - "Finding Your Power, Passion and Joy - Being at Work". In addition, we built an on-line questionnaire that visitors can complete and receive basic work satisfaction / career direction alignment analyses. Visitors are then encouraged to either buy the book or contact the author for additional information.

Dill Investments is a McKinney, Texas based property management firm that owns and operates retail, office, and warehouse space. For this client we used photographs, site and building plans, as well as extensive cleanly formated details to provide virtually all the information a prospective lessor could need to make a leaing decision. In addition, we researched and built an extensive profile on the business climate and environment in McKinney, Texas.

Bike Island - This Plano, Texas based company asked us to design and build a website to help them market and sell bike parts, accessories, and clothing via the internet. For this customer we built a product database and a loader that allows the customer to add, change and delete products, pricing, and photos directly from thier website. We also setup the PayPal interface for processing orders.

Phelps-Wood Architects - This Frisco, Texas based architect wanted their website to showcase thier recent projects including municipal buildings, fire stations, and office buildings. Swap images were used together with project directories to allow viewers to quickly focus in on and drill down to the project photographs and descriptions of most interest.

Its All About Business - We designed and built this site as a resource for individuals interested in starting a new business, growing an existing business, buying or selling a business, or saving a business. The site also offers information and resources for individuals contemplating starting a business in specific industries.

We've done all this for all these folks...we can do as much or more for you.

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