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PTC Webworks Pro Website Development Abilities

Naturally, at PTC Webworks Pro, we handle all the routine activities associated with domain registration, website design, construction, uploading, host supervision, search engine registration, and site maintenance. And we're fast! Most projects are completed within two weeks of project quote. Many within a single week. In addition to typical html coding that can include imbedded images and clip art, hot spots, hot links, drop down menus, scrolling text, buttons, rollovers, professional graphics design, dynamic html, and animation. We also:

  • Write cgi and Javascript to build forms, maintain files, generate and test for cookies,
  • Create loader programs to allow customers to update time-sensitive information at will.
  • Create sophisticated data bases that organize and display client products for sale on the internet.
  • Establish merchant accounts for accepting credit card payments on client sites,
  • Set up shopping carts to allow multiple pricing combinations for size, color, style, paint type, condition, weight, etc.
  • Create logon and password USERID verification screens,
  • Generate custom emails for user groups,
  • Create auto-response emails based on pre-determined criteria
  • Create online forms to intake customer information and securely store data in an online mysql file for later retrival.
  • Design and set-up blog sites that are easily updated and maintained.
  • Create custom designed million pixel ad sites.
  • Develop and maintain pay-per-click advertising campaigns on Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

We like to say: "IF itís happening on the web or is capable of happening on the web--WE can do it."

Why not contact us today and get started on bringing that website youíve been dreaming about to life?

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