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Learn About PTC Webworks Pro

PTC Webworks grew naturally out of the consulting activities conducted by the principal partners, Darell Herbst and Donald Bodwell of PT Consulting Partners, Inc. Both saw new possibilities for using the web to open new markets, create customer awareness of needs, screen and redirect un-solicited email offers, and to build and publish expert systems capable of monitoring management behavior and predicting organizational results. Donald and Darell are recognized innovators in the field of marketing professional services over the Internet. They are also true pioneers in the field of building expert systems-generating their first expert system in 1983: Decision Medical, a pc based system for diagnosing medical problems. Their latest expert system, K-Seek, provides proven guidance for boosting management performance.

Today, PTC Webworks Pro brings this business savvy, marketing knowledge, and Internet innovation to bear on each website it builds and maintains. But getting a great website up is only half the battle. We spend same amount of time making certain that our customer websites perform, and perform well. This means that we pay a great deal of attention to the frequent changes necessary to keep sites tuned in to meet search engine acceptance and optimization criteria. It's not easy and it's not a visible activity but it is the secret to driving real business to our customer websites.

Our visionary business model calls handling of all aspects website development for our customers. All for one low monthly price. This includes domain name registration, website design, construction, maintenance, search engine registration and placement. Each site is design from scratch and written in native html code. We do not use Front Page or pre-existing templates.

PTC Webworks Pro's knowledge and experience can save you countless hours of miss-steps, journeys down blind alleys, and frustrating direction changes. As always, complete customer satisfaction is guaranteed: Either you are pleased with the results or you do not pay.

So why not contact us today and find out why our customers think we're simply the best in the business? (972) 734-6350 or email us at PTC Webworks Pro

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